LTE MIMO Simulink Model


Our first approach to an LTE 2×2 MIMO Spatial Multiplexing Simulink model is here for FREE.

It is based on Turbo Coding, 16-QAM, OFDM and pilots.

You can select the parameters of the Rayleigh Channel and the noise in the AWGN channel, then you can observe the changes in the signal’s spectrum and in the constellation. In addition, the BER is obtained.

Remember that there is also some LTE SISO modules based on QPSK and 16QAM available for FREE here.

You can also watch the videos that explain how the models are developed and how they work:

As mentioned at first, this is one approach, the model will continue developing as specified in the standard.

There are some global parameters configured for the Turbo code. If you would like us to send you a configuration file to load them automatically, please contact us: contact@

Thank you!

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