NEXBOX MXQ PRO Android TV Box Review

We are massive fans of Kodi and we have it running on PCs and Raspberry Pis. Recently, Kodi Android TV boxes have been in the news… and not in a positive way. “Fully-loaded Kodi boxes” have gained popularity, but the legality of their sale is in question. Basically, the first legal case against a person selling the so-called “fully-loaded” kodi boxes is currently underway in the UK. These boxes comes with kodi add-ons pre-installed and these add-on allows the end-user to access paid TV and movies free-of-charge.

The BBC also ran a story on the boxes and on the legal implications of selling and using them. The Kodi developers has also released a statement to say that they don’t support the sale and use of those “fully-loaded” kodi boxes. So what’s the legal implications? Kodi developers were quoted from the BBC saying: “The group said it would maintain a “neutral stance on what users do with their own software”, but would battle those using the Kodi trademark to sell a “fully-loaded Kodi box”.” It should be pointed out that legality of streaming online copyright media is a bit of a grey area as one might argue the file is not being physically stored on your devices. However, be warned! it is still piracy and you may land yourselves in a legal battle.

This post is for educational and research purposes; we do not condone piracy of any form.

Due to these boxes being in the news, we got intrigue on why they might be popular. So we decided to find and purchase one! It was relatively easy to find these boxes by just googling “Android TV box”. There are a vast amount of different Android TV boxes out there but we decided to narrow our search down to a Quad-core box that supports 4K. We picked one from a Chinese supplier for £25 and 3 weeks later, it arrived: The NEXBOX MXQ PRO.

The box itself looks very well made and light. It comes with a number of USB ports, SD card reader, Audio out, HDMI, among others. It also comes with a HDMI cable but no AAA batteries for the remote!

If you want to know the box content, watch our unboxing video:

We plugged the box to a TV using HDMI and powered the unit. We were greeted by the NEXBOX logo then to a home screen:
Android TV home screen

The box comes pre-installed with various apps including Kodi and Cloud TV. The Android installed on this box is rooted and is the 5.1 version.
Android TV box apps
The Kodi app itself has various popular add-on such as Exodus and 1Channel pre-installed.
Android TV box Kodi addons
Android TV box Kodi addons

Cloud TV is also pre-installed and this gives you access to various channels from around the world.
Android TV box cloud TV

Here are screenshots of the CloudTV app in action:
CloudTV demo

Our verdict

We were very impressed with this little box. The only issue that we had, was with the the Kodi app experiencing “black screen”… we sorted it by clearing the cache for Kodi.

The remote control can be very temperamental, we would highly recommend using a mouse and keyboard, preferable a wireless one!

Another issue is the WIFI.. we have been having problem getting it to connect. So we decided to flash it with the firmware suggested on this site.

To conclude, we found this £25 box to be as good as a raspberry pi 3 if not better due to the fact that a lot of the apps are pre-installed and “activated”.

Please note that the tutorial is for educational purposes only. Streaming paid content without a subscription is illegal. We are not responsible for any misuse of information provided here.

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