Pizza Steel: the baking revolution


You probably have heard traditional pizza is best baked on stone. However, steel has recently been found to be a faster solution for the following reasons:

  • Steel stores and leads energy (heat) about 20 times better than stone. With steel you can bake, and bake… and bake for hours while the steel maintains the perfect temperature
  • The steel needs half of the preheating time than stone
  • The steel is virtually unbreakable while stone cracks into pieces easily
  • You can also use the plate for keeping food cold while served at the table by placing it in the freezer before use, and it will keep cool for hours while your guests enjoy your cold servings.

How do we know these facts? Because we have been trying the Steel Pizza and we got amazed with the results!

Getting the resources

You can make your own pizza, buy a fresh one or, as modern life users, get a frozen one. We took two different ones from different brands and different textures to see the capabilities of the Steel:


This baking steel is rounded because the oven we use is actually a Combination Microwave Oven, so the plate is rounded:


The first thing we did was placing the anodized steel in the microwave and preheat it at 220º (this was indicated in the pizza box), which took approximately 15 minutes.


Cooking the pizzas in the anodized steel

Then, we placed our first pizza (the Hawaiian one) in the microwave, and bake for 12 minutes:


Voilá! This is the result (compare the uncooked white colors in the above picture with the delicious golden grilled color in the following picture):


Now, before we started eating the first exquisiteness, we put the second pizza (Margarita) in the microwave for 12 minutes two, directly, without preheating:


Enjoying our master pieces

Surprisingly (because it was so easy to be true), the Hawaiian pizza was delicious! Crunchy, sweet and salty and in a perfect temperature, we enjoyed while the second one was getting ready:


Of course, we ate it in less than 12 minutes so we decided to stop and contemplate how our second creation was taking shape, salivating a bit while watching the cheese bubbling:


And… voliá, the second dish! As you can see, the texture of the second pizza was different, more spongy and thicker than the first one and deliciously cheesy:


In conclusion…

If you thought that the possibility of baking pizzas in a microwave with a steel baking plate didn’t even exist, today you have learnt some valuable information 😀

In 30 minutes, we baked two amazing pizzas that costed us less than £4. We enjoy them lying in a couch watching our favorite series. Don’t get us wrong: going to restaurants is a fabulous experience. However, enjoying the pleasures that technology provides at home for a very affordable price can be even better!

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