Irregular Sampling

Irregular sampling or non-uniform sampling is a tricky one because it involves iterative algorithms. However, if you work in signal processing you may deal with the problem of signals that were sampled in an irregular way and you would need to reconstruct them, by also meeting the conditions of the Nyquist Theorem.
The methods used to solve this problem are still in development and from Behind The Sciences we have found several resources that will make you easily understand what is going on, how to deal with it and, of course, how to implement it in Matlab, so have a look to the following list of FREE resources:
Figure 1. Example from the first referenced tutorial
Mathworks also has tutorial that explains how to re-sample a non-uniformly sampled signal in Matlab:
Now, if you want to go deeper into the algorithms used to reconstruct irregularly sampled signals, google the following names:
  • Voronoi-Allebach algorithm
  •  Marvasti algorithm
  •  Adaptive Weights Algorithm
 Another detailed tutorial explaining this, can be found here:
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