LTE Simulink model

This Simulink model has become very popular since its publication in Mathworks. It includes the key techniques that the LTE standard implements in the physical layer. 

The model can be download from GitHub and Mathworks.

You can watch the video to easily learn how to run it:

You can watch a video where every block in the model is explained:

As many people ask about documentation, we attach pdf file which is an extract from the author’s project, and it explains how it was developed, and the performance of the different blocks.

The document is protected with this password: behindthesciences

The Turbo Coder is an adaptation from a model found in Mathworks, so in order to run the LTE model correctly, it is necessary to set a configuration file which includes the global variables. If you need it, just send us an email to Enjoy! 😉


Click here to go to Mathworks.

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