Super-fast network scanner

Usually, when we get our home/office network connection very slow, we tend to browse our router IP address and, in the administration panel, we check the devices connected.

This is a great method, but it’s not the only one nor the faster one. Now you can do that from your phone, with the App, Fing.

This is a free App available for iOS and Android that, in less than one second, shows you the devices connected to your network, including information such as:

  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • Manufacturer
  • Type of device
  • Last change in the device connection
  • Speed of your WiFi connection

iPhone Screenshot 1

You can also receive notifications when a new device gets connected and do a couple of things with the devices connected. For instance:

  • A ping
  • A trace route
  • See the ports that there are using the corresponding protocol
  • Send a Wake up LAN

There is also the possibility to scan any external device if you know the IP address or domain.

iPhone Screenshot 3

We hope you found this app cool and specially, that it can contribute to make your life a bit easier! 🙂

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