Simple Burglar Alarm with ESP8266 and AWS IoT

The ESP8266 is a cheap piece of hardware that can be used to create smart IoT devices. We have demonstrated, in the past, how to create such system using the ESP8266, the MQTT protocol and a Raspberry Pi as a broker. However this days, with the falling cost of cloud computing, it is more convenient to use an offsite MQTT broker instead of a Raspberry Pi. The aim of this post is to describe a simple ESP8266 and AWS IoT system using MQTT.

A simple ESP8266 and AWS IoT system overview

ESP8266 and AWS IoT system

Parts list

To build the simple ESP8266 and AWS IoT system, you will need:

  • An ESP8266 + USB-to-Serial converter
  • An AWS account
  • Mongoose OS
  • A PIR sensor

Mongoose OS

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