HAMSWAN F60 Waterproof Action Camera: Review

We are very please to show you the review of the HAMSWAN F60 Waterproof Action Camera as a good alternative to the popular GoPros, which prices can be a bit excessive.

Action cameras are not only a good choice for adventurous people but for all people who loves recording special moments without having to carry a big camera with them. This action camera also has a really good price and it’s really simple to use, so why not to carry it in your pocket when you are going outside?  🙂

Let’s have a look at the camera details so you can judge by yourself!

The packaging

The packaging is really robust and ideal to keep the camera and all the accessories than come with it.

Everything comes in separated boxes with protection sponges that you can keep or remove, because the board box is strong enough.

Many accessories come with the camera to make sure you can use it in different situations and weather conditions:

  • Waterproof case
  • Fixed case
  • Protective Door
  • Fixed base
  • 3 Bandages
  • Black Clamps
  • Adhesive Mounts
  • 3M Adhesive apes
  • Batteriese
  • Bicycle stand
  • Base
  • Adapter
  • Ribbone
  • Data Line
  • Wire Rope
  • 3 different Switch Supports
  • Cleaning Cloth

Therefore, you can take with you hanging in your neck or hand, you can use it with selfie stick or even in a helmet (outside or inside the water).

The camera

The following picture is the camera locked in the waterproof case:

As you can see, it’s really small and nice to carry. In addition, this case is very easy to put and the camera fits perfectly:

The dimensions of the camera without the case are 59.27 x 41.13 x 29.28 mm. Tiny, right? The screen is a 2 inch HD display.

Technical features

The main technical characteristics are:

• The Anti-slide body design, helps you freely hold it to capture moments even in harsh environment
• With anti-shake mode, you will not worry about the record in movement any more
• Waterproof to 98ft (30m), designed for extreme sports above and under activities
• Support wireless remote control with APP on phone and other devices through WiFi which enables you to connect to the HAMSWAN App, offering full control of all functions and settings, easy shot preview and playback of camera on your phone and other devices
• Advanced 1080P HD capture
• 170 wide angle glass lens design (we will explain why this is important later in this post)
• Can be used as dashboard camera on car
• Can be connected with TV and playback videos on TV
• Looping, motion detection and time lapse with G-sensor (we will explain what this is, don’t worry)
• Extension to 32GB micro SD card (Not Included)
• High-resolution of 12M, 8M, 5M and 2M etc.
• High frame rate 1080p30, 720p60, 720p30 and H.264 video modes
• Detachable 1050mAh high capacity battery for easy replacement
• Charging time of 3 h
• Photo mode single/timer shot with 5/10/20 seconds options
• When connected with WiFi, it supports at most 80 minutes recording; Otherwise, it supports 50 minutes recording.
• When inserting or removing the SD card, it’s better to make sure the camera is off in case of damage to card.

Wide angle lens

How many times have you been in front of a beautiful landscape that you would love to take a picture of but then, the camera doesn’t seem to get everything?

This is because our eyes’ visual angle is of 180º and most of the conventional cameras don’t cover this range. Wide angle lens are those between the 18mm and 35mm; this gives us a range between the 63º and 120º:

Now, as we have mentioned above, the HAMSWAN camera has an angular range of 170º which, as you can imagine, it’s fantastic! Not only to take pictures of landscapes but it’s also useful to take pictures of rooms and other places where you want to show as much as possible.


Regarding to the G-Sensor: this is a mechanism that detects sudden acceleration, braking and collisions in order to automatically capture and protect critical footage surrounding an accident or impact. Through this function the important files won’t be removed by the loop recording functionality. This features is included because the camera can also be used as a drive recorder.

Video demo

This is our first experience with the camera where we forgot to change the date and time settings and it says that it was recorded one year ago at 11pm… it was actually last weekend, in the morning 🙂

We hope you found this post useful and don’t hesitate to contact us or comment below if you want to know more details or we missed something about the camera 😀

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